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Readers' Secrets #11 - #14

this is too beautiful, thanks to all the lovely readers who send their secrets.

Readers' Secrets via formspring

I love your blogspot and tumblr. here is my secret 'you mean nothing to me now, but I don't have the heart to tell you.'

Secret: Sometimes I WANT to hurt the people I love just to feel satisfied with myself.

Just one more secret, that I have to tell someone, you don't need to post it in anywhere: 'I'm really tired of getting sad because of you, but I can't do anything about it. And I'm tired to try do it over again, I always fail." by zooombie

My secret: This town is cold and endless. My dreams and hopes are floating in the wind. I want to go as far as I can go, someday. But that day is not soon enough.

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new readers' secrets are coming tomorrow. i'm sorry it took so long.




i don't know, if i posted this already. but it's one of my favourite songs so i apologize.

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Sometimes I think everything in my life's just wrong.
Wrong love, wrong friends, wrong hometown.

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.. finally. ;)

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Oh my god, ONE HUNDRED SECRETS, can you believe this? I'm pretty excited. Thank you all for your nice comments and messages and support by hearting my stuff on weheartit.

so wow, 100 secrets... Why don't you look through all of them and tell me what's your favourite?
Thanks again for everything. I really love you. xxx

The song is Concentrate by Modern Day Zero chosen by Lauren. Thank you again, honey.



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Love you, M <3

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