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Hey all my beautiful readers, I officially love you!
Thank you for all your lovely comments and mails. There's a Readers' Secret post coming soon, I promise.

Love xxx

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P.S. sometimes you just have to love the 80s.

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*my heart skips a beat

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Q&A #5

i meant, what time is it now where you live. :D lonely people are always up in the middle of the night, thats why i cant sleep right now.
ah ok. yeah you're right. I usually upload my secrets late and stay awake hours after midnight. I like the nighttime because you get the time to think about your day, your hopes and dreams. but of course you get lonely though. I read the question again and I'm not sure: Did that answer your question? I'm sorry. ;)

how are you?
the weekend was nice, I had fun with friends but now I'm home alone and kinda ill :(
hope you guys are feeling better.

Is there any possibility to talk to you? Even if it would be anonymous?
what do you mean - talk?
you can write me an email and I'll answer as soon as I can.

Have you ever thought about just walking up to him and kissing him? Not thinking of the consequences. just, kiss him?
oh yeah, I dreamed about that. but there wouldn't be a happy end for our story. he's cold as ice sometimes - unfortunately.
Life isn't a fairytale.
P.S. I don't want to stop you from doing that, but it wouldn't work out for me, maybe it does for you. ;)

who are your secrets about? by jessicaapotts
I think I answered that question already... like "Who is he?"...
It's about a friend whom I love or loved but apparently doesn't love me...

I hope he realises how amazing you are, and see that he should love YOU. I've been in the same situation as you, and I had to forget him, 'cause he didn't love me AND loved another girl? How are you doing? Are you okay? -Catherine, Brazil

hey, catherine. I hope you're ok now and get the strenght to move on.
Thanks for asking. I can't really move on or forget him because he's still one of my closest friends. I think I can handle the situation now and stop thinking about him like that. And I think it helped that we both told the truth about our feelings to save our friendship which is still very important for me. And for him.
All the best for you, Catherine, take care, girl :)

readers' secrets #6




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Q&A #4

Have you ever been depressed and/or cut?? -me
yep, i did cut myself.
I know it's easy to say now, but cutting doesn't help. You can't see that in times you want to cut yourself and you don't really care but you hurt the people that love you more than you hurt yourself. Is it worth it?

Sometimes boys are stupid and don't realize what they have infront of them. So sorry if this has been asked before, But have you showed him? by CaseyyP
I told him how I felt and he doesn't feel the same way. I'm not sure how I feel right now.
I'm not sure if should show him the secrets now... would it make a difference?

my heartbreak right now feels like your first discription. :( cant wait for it to stop. :( well, and my question: what time is it now there?
oh no, all the best for you, dear.
but huh? i don't get your question...

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Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

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