Secret Questions and Secret Answers

These are some questions I get very often, so here are the answers for everyone. See more answers or ask your own question here. 

Love, Secret Agent 


 How old are you?


Where do you come from?

I don't think that this is important. But it's Europe. ;)

How do you feel while posting your secrets?

very often the secrets just come to my mind when i'm in bed and thinking about my day and about him. and i write them down and upload them the next day. most of the time i still feel the same about them then. sometimes i'm sad and sometimes i'm a little more optimistic.
every secret is different and so is the feeling.

Why did you create this blog?

I just wanted to share some secrets, this blog is like a diary somehow. It's nice to share these secrets with friendly people, who feel exactly the same and understand you. I'm very happy about every reader and every single comment, email or question.

Where did the idea come from?  

I wrote little messages like that before, but my old blog wasn't the right place for it, so I created a new one. It's a nice feeling to share someting everyday and I'm still in love with the idea ;)