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Q&A #3

Aww why do you have to be so sweet? I bet this boy gives his life for you! by nzcv

haha, you're sweet.
he doesn't. well, maybe he does but he doesn't love me. we talked yesterday. all he wants is friendship... wtf.

tell me what you know about heartbreak? i'm in a slump right now... by thatcamerongirl

you don't have to know about it. you feel it.

every heartbreak is different. some last forever.

you listen to sad songs all the time, write creepy status messages on facebook, can't eat, feel no motivation to do anything because it doesn't matter anyway or you go out and party hard, drink too much and act like a little slut so everybody should think that you moved on.
but it's always only you who has to go through all the pain. your friends can try to cheer you up for some time, but it hits you when you're alone in the dark and can't fall asleep because you're thinking about your lost love and you can't stop crying your heart out. in the end you're feeling empty. and sometimes the pain comes back when you don't expect it.

What is you sign? I am an aries and I find that we fall so hard...each one of your secrets I feel for someone.

i'm a libra. but i don't believe in signs. I don't think that the date of you birthday has anything to do with your feelings, sorry.

whats the link to your old blog?

it was a very personal one. so sorry, but i won't tell you this little secret.

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With or Without You - Scala

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That's from Skins somehow.

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Q&A #2

where did the idea come from? by onesweet

I wrote little messages like that before, but my old blog wasn't the right place for it, so I created a new one. It's a nice feeling to share someting everyday and I'm still in love with the idea ;)

Your're 18 & i'm 14 How do we have the same secrets? It's creepy but i love them p.s t.y for keeping this side up and lots of secrets :D

i don't think this has anything to do with age. it's about love. age doesn't matter if you're in love. or sad. or happy.

Hi, I'm brazilian and I love your blog SO MUCH *-*; Why did you create it?

thank you.
I just wanted to share some secrets, this blog is like a diary somehow. It's nice to share these secrets with friendly people, who feel exactly the same and understand you. I'm very happy about every reader and every single comment, email or question.

Yes, I think you should show him. It`s always perfect to know that someone loves you this much, and he`d be sooo happy! I don`t know if I think this because I`m a "dreamer", but I truly believe in it. What do you think? by nzcv

i'm not sure whether he would be happy. i don't think he loves me. i don't think he loves anyone.
but maybe you're right. i'll tell you how this story goes on ;)

readers' secrets #4 & #5




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Q&A #1

Sorry guys for messing around a bit, I'm new to formspring. If you still have any questions, just ask. I'll answer them as soon as possible.
Aaaaand there's gonna be a Readers' Secrets Post soon,too.
Love. xxx

Sorry, I wrote it wrong.. =P has he ever seen your secrets? by nzcv

I don't think so. Sometimes I think I would be good, if he would know about all this... but when it comes to feelings I'm a very shy person.
Do you think I should show him?

Anytime you write here your secrets what do you feel?

very often the secrets just come to my mind when i'm in bed and thinking about my day and about him. and i write them down and uploud them the next day. most of the time i still feel the same about them then. sometimes i'm sad and sometimes i'm a little more optimistic.
every secret is different and so is the feeling.

who is he?

hard to say. he's a friend of mine. we used to say that we're soulmates. i believed that. but i always had that romantic feeling about him, it's not that crazy best-friend-love-thing.

where do you come from?

I don't think that this is important somehow. But it's Europe. ;)

Once upon a time, there was a princess. She had long hair, red hair.

<3 <3 <3

how old are you?


Ask me anything



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Sorry for the bad quality, my camera is broken and I had to use my webcam.

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readers' secrets #2

thanks for sharing your secrets and listening to mine, wonderful J. <3

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I'm a psycho today.

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readers' secrets #1

so this is it.
this is a random collection of your secrets. more coming soon. keep on writing me your secrets: my365secrets[at]
What do you think of them? I think they're beautiful. Love.



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There are two #32. But ssshh! Don't tell anyone. ;)

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