Tuesday, May 17, 2011




  1. Learning from regret.
    Story of my life, unfortunately.

  2. My ex-boyfriend was sorry about all the stupid things he'd done. He asked me to forgive him - and I did.

    5 months after our break-up.

  3. My ex-boyfriend lied to me....a lot...and then he broke up with me...he said it was all my fault! Now that I moved on, he is always talking about the past....he has a new girl, but he is always talking with me...saying that he was bad, it was his fault....So...I Don't know what he wants! He talks about his family problems, about school, He send me his works and ask for opinions... but i am thinking "Why don't you send this to her?"
    Maybe he regrets it a bit and 5 months later he will try to come back...I won't let him