Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Q&A #3

Aww why do you have to be so sweet? I bet this boy gives his life for you! by nzcv

haha, you're sweet.
he doesn't. well, maybe he does but he doesn't love me. we talked yesterday. all he wants is friendship... wtf.

tell me what you know about heartbreak? i'm in a slump right now... by thatcamerongirl

you don't have to know about it. you feel it.

every heartbreak is different. some last forever.

you listen to sad songs all the time, write creepy status messages on facebook, can't eat, feel no motivation to do anything because it doesn't matter anyway or you go out and party hard, drink too much and act like a little slut so everybody should think that you moved on.
but it's always only you who has to go through all the pain. your friends can try to cheer you up for some time, but it hits you when you're alone in the dark and can't fall asleep because you're thinking about your lost love and you can't stop crying your heart out. in the end you're feeling empty. and sometimes the pain comes back when you don't expect it.

What is you sign? I am an aries and I find that we fall so hard...each one of your secrets I feel for someone.

i'm a libra. but i don't believe in signs. I don't think that the date of you birthday has anything to do with your feelings, sorry.

whats the link to your old blog?

it was a very personal one. so sorry, but i won't tell you this little secret.

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