Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Q&A #1

Sorry guys for messing around a bit, I'm new to formspring. If you still have any questions, just ask. I'll answer them as soon as possible.
Aaaaand there's gonna be a Readers' Secrets Post soon,too.
Love. xxx

Sorry, I wrote it wrong.. =P has he ever seen your secrets? by nzcv

I don't think so. Sometimes I think I would be good, if he would know about all this... but when it comes to feelings I'm a very shy person.
Do you think I should show him?

Anytime you write here your secrets what do you feel?

very often the secrets just come to my mind when i'm in bed and thinking about my day and about him. and i write them down and uploud them the next day. most of the time i still feel the same about them then. sometimes i'm sad and sometimes i'm a little more optimistic.
every secret is different and so is the feeling.

who is he?

hard to say. he's a friend of mine. we used to say that we're soulmates. i believed that. but i always had that romantic feeling about him, it's not that crazy best-friend-love-thing.

where do you come from?

I don't think that this is important somehow. But it's Europe. ;)

Once upon a time, there was a princess. She had long hair, red hair.

<3 <3 <3

how old are you?


Ask me anything


  1. show it,but not too much of ur feelings :D

  2. A very beautiful blog you have!
    I have seen a wonderful blog, Maybe you've already seen it,, love but in all kind of shapes and with wonderful pictures. check it out, i think you may like it:)
    Take care

  3. thank you, Hedvig. I know this blog, it's one of my favourites ;)
    take care.

  4. how do a girl, like myself, know that she can have a bf? that someone will want to have her, someday or any day soon? that she's not just the friend-type? how do a girl, like myself, know that?